A completely flat landscape, where uphill climbs and downhill runs are unknown; an area that is all one immense cycle path where the bicycle is, of course, the perfect tool to fully understand its nuances and characteristics.


A landscape full of different suggestions, where land and water always open up new roads to be explored: from Comacchio to Ferrara, from Cervia to Ravenna, along the Destra Po cycle tourism route that cuts horizontally through the Ferrara area or along the banks of the river Lamone from Bagnacavallo to the Adriatic Sea: hundreds of kilometres of land marked by a formidable network of cycling routes that wind their way between the city and the countryside, between protected oases and villages on the plains.

Travelling by bicycle, at a slow pace and sometimes following unusual routes, is therefore the best way to experience the places you are visiting in close contact, smelling their fragrances, hearing the sounds, interacting with the inhabitants, in other words living an authentic and unrepeatable experience. The nature of the rivers and floodplains, the lagoons, the valleys, the natural oases of the Po Delta Park, not far from historic town centres such as Ferrara, Ravenna, Mantua, Venice, Comacchio, as well as villas and residences dating back to the Este era, all offer many possibilities for trips.


Short, safe itineraries for cycling comfortably with families, or circular routes ideal for exploring the surrounding area; or even long stretches to be spread over several days to better discover more about the area, discovering all its different features. There are dozens of itineraries on offer, aimed at all target groups, to discover amazing routes through art and nature.





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Destra Po
The Destra Po cycle route
An extraordinary cycle tourism itinerary that accompanies the Great River for the last 100 kilometres of its course into the Adriatic Sea
Rotta del Sale
The Salt Route
This is a cycle route through nature that crosses the Po Delta Park, visiting the parts in the both the Emilia-Romagna and Veneto regions
From Lake Garda to the Adriatic Sea
An itinerary that links Lake Garda, the Mincio and Po rivers as well as two water cities, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Mantua and Ferrara
Adria Bike
Adriatic cycle route
From Ravenna to Kranjska Gora covering an itinerary of almost 700 kilometres, running alongside the Adriatic Sea and passing through some beautiful cities of art


Fiume Lamone
Along the Lamone River
This is a cycle-pedestrian route along the Lamone river, which crosses the countryside of Russi and Bagnacavallo
Bici Valli
From Valley to Valley
From Argenta to Comacchio through the suggestive landscapes offered by the Valleys
Parco Golfera Lugo
Lugo: between Fresh Pasta and Wine
A pleasant ride to discover the wines of Romagna
Bici Cervia
On the dirt roads along the River Savio
From Cervia to Cervia to discover the dirt roads along the Savio
I parchi tra Ravenna e Cervia
The Parks between Ravenna and Cervia
A circular route between Ravenna, Cervia and the coast


Pedalando nelle pinete di Ravenna
Cycling in the Ravenna Pine Forests
A quiet ride in the green of the pine forests that stretch between Ravenna and Cervia
Bici Delizia Verginese
The Borgia ring-route
Between history and tradition in a beautiful bike path among the Este Delights


Pedalando lungo il Po di Volano
Sailing and cycling along the Po di Volano
From Migliarino to its mouth, it is possible to do an eco-sustainable trip by boat and bicycle
Bici Valli Comacchio
Comacchio and the colors of the Lagoon
A wonderful trip in the heart of the Comacchio Valleys in a place between land and water
Valli di Argenta
Birdwatching in the fresh water wetlands
From the Vallette di Ostellato to the Estensi Delights in a journey between art, nature and culture!