Above all, birdwatching is all about having respect not only for the birds but also for nature and all its forms of life. It sometimes happens that, overwhelmed by enthusiasm, in order to capture a particular photo, one unwittingly creates serious problems or even causes damage to the birdlife.


For example, when birds are in the breeding season, the disturbance created by the presence of man, even worse if it is prolonged, or in close proximity to the nest, can cause birds to temporarily abandon the breeding site, putting eggs or chicks at risk of being devoured by other birds or animals. Excessive exposure to the sun, caused by the absence of the parents, can also prove fatal and, in some cases, the nest may be abandoned permanently. Another high-risk moment is when the birds are feeding, again the presence of Man can cause disturbance by preventing the birds from obtaining a regular supply of food, resulting in physical weakness.


Visits to oases or protected areas should always be made on tiptoe, as disturbing noises or even the mere sight of our silhouettes will frighten the birds away. We recommend wearing suitable camouflaged clothing, carrying insect repellent and ointment for insect bites in hot weather, always following marked trails, using birdwatching areas and equipment such as huts and towers. If you go birdwatching alone, let someone know where you are going so that you can always be reached.