A unique flooded forest, place of exceedingly rare nesting sites and an extraordinarily beautiful and flowered oasis at the beginning of spring. We are referring to Punte Alberete, an area to the south of the River Lamone, an oasis of great scenic beauty due to the alternation of hygrophilous woods, which are more or less flooded, submerged grasslands, open "clearings" and flora and fauna typical of marshy environments of varying depths. This is what remains of the ancient floodplain of the River Lamone and is one of the last examples of freshwater marshland, a relic of the southern swampy forests of the Po Valley. The route is accessible all year round and in every season the site provides unique landscapes.


To the south of the oasis, there is a watchtower from which it is possible to observe the numerous aquatic birds that either stop or nest there, some of them are considered exceptionally rare species elsewhere: Kingfisher, Pygmy Cormorant, Red-crested Pochard. Numerous, varied species of Ardeidae and Anatidae can be observed; the presence of a few couples of Ferruginous Ducks, a beautiful species threatened with global extinction, which can be seen in spring and summer, should also be noted. Another sight worthy of note is the Glossy Ibis, the symbol of the oasis, that can be seen from April to September.