The Bevanella Cubo Magico Visitor Centre is the natural starting point for excursions of all kinds (on foot, by electric boat, by bicycle, by canoe) in a context of extraordinary scenic value in one of the wildest and most valuable natural environments in the province of Ravenna and the entire Adriatic coast.


In the heart of the Ortazzo and Ortazzino area and with the historic Pineta di Classe pine forest in the background, the Centre opens out towards the mouth of the Bevano river, the last meandering estuarine mouth in the Upper Adriatic area left free to evolve naturally.


Inside the facilities, there is the Cubo Magico (the Magic Cube), an interactive, state-of-the-art museum that, through multimedia technologies, will allow visitors to discover the geological evolution of the local area, leading them to appreciate the aspects relating to climate change, coastal dynamics and erosion, saline groundwater intrusions, the integrated management of coastal areas and the hydraulic management of the territory.