Jolanda di Savoia (FE), Palazzo municipale, Ph Nicola Quirico CC_BY_SA_40-Jolanda di Savoia (FE), Palazzo municipale, Ph Nicola Quirico-CC BY-SA 4.0

Where is located

Jolanda di Savoia is part of that special area near Ferrara called the "Land of Rice" and is situated in the lowlands between the rivers Po and Volano, in the eastern part of the Po Valley.

The town looks out over the magical landscape of the Po Delta Park (UNESCO heritage site) and in its fertile rice paddies the local Delta PGI rice is abundant.

When to go and what to see

Within the municipal territory lies what, according to the Istituto Geografico Militare (Military Geographical Institute), is the lowest point in Italy, located in the place called Corte delle Magoghe, in the village of Contane, at 3 metres 44 centimetres below sea level. Yolanda of Savoy is part of the special area of the province of Ferrara called the "Terra del Riso" (Land of Rice) and overlooks the magical scenery of the Po Delta Park (UNESCO heritage site). Originally the village was called "Le Venezie", the name was changed in 1911 on the occasion of the visit of King Victor Emmanuel III, to honour the sovereign's new-born daughter.


The paddy fields, provide the backdrop to the spectacular landscape that surrounds it, full of canals, paths, protected oases, flora and fauna unique both in quality and quantity, while the urban layout is characterised by large open courtyards, rows of small farmhouses and the unmistakable buildings of the rice farms

Main events

Every year in August, for two weekends, the rice capital of the Po Delta celebrates its excellence with a lively “Sagra del Riso” (Rice Festival).