Where is located

Established in 2019 from the merger of the municipalities of Berra and Ro, the municipality lies on the banks of the river Po bordering with the Veneto region

When to go and what to see

The proximity to the river Po has strongly influenced the local economy, affected by frequent flooding. When the situation became more controlled, it had an important agricultural development; linked also to the cultivation of wheat and its transformation into flour thanks to the mills in its vicinity

Do not miss

The Mulino sul Po (The Mill on the River Po) in Ro Ferrarese is incredibly famous. Immersed in a natural environment of great attraction is the Mill on the River Po (the access is temporarily closed to the public), the faithful reproduction of the mills that were present on the river more than a hundred years ago, which inspired the novel written by Bacchelli. Today, it is the seat of the Museo del Pane (the Bread Museum). The mill is a work of considerable monumental value, resulting from historical research carried out to acquire information on the old floating mills, with particular reference to their size, construction techniques, systems and machinery. Moored at the marina, it can be visited in all river conditions.


Ro is also crossed by the “Destra Po” cycling route, a 120-kilometre bike path divided into five sections that runs along the right bank of the Great River, suitable for everyone due to its characteristic flat terrain.

Video-Racconti dal Delta del Po