Ravenna Incoming

From 493 A.D. Ravenna saw one of the most important and significant chapters of its history. Following the conquest by the Goths, an eastern Germanic population of Arian faith, led by Theodoric the Great, the city was enriched with new institutional and religious buildings without subverting those already present, in the desire to make its faith coexist with the Orthodox rite.
This tour wishes to highlight a latent past intrinsic to the urban and cultural fabric of Ravenna, which successive dominations have tried to conceal.
The route includes entrance to four monuments, two of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Starting with the most famous and legendary one, the unique Mausoleum of Theodoric, we will then head towards the historical centre, first admiring the 'Palace of Theodoric', located next to the Palatine Basilica of St Martin in Tours (today Sant'Apollinare Nuovo) and then the Arian Baptistery.
At this point, at the Mercato Coperto (Covered Market), you can enjoy a well-deserved break with a leisurely breakfast/meal, savouring the delights of traditional Romagna gastronomy, before continuing on to the last stop on our trek, the Museo Nazionale di Ravenna (National Museum of Ravenna), where important artefacts of Ravenna's past are preserved.
The Theodoric Urban Trekking was born from the desire to make tourism outside the classic canons of guided tours.
Come with us on this new experience that combines sport, art, taste and the desire to discover the city's most hidden and curious places associated with the good habit of walking.

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