The Po Delta Park can boast two UNESCO awards!


In 1999, in fact, the Ferrara-based part of the Po Delta was included in the list of World Heritage sites as an “exceptionally-planned cultural landscape that preserves its original form in a remarkable way”.


In addition to this, in 2015, the territory of the Po Delta was included, this time also encompassing the part stretching into the Veneto area, consisting of the UNESCO MAB Biosphere Reserves.


If anyone is wondering what the latter title refers to, the UNESCO MAB Biosphere Reserves identify in certain areas the terrestrial, coastal and marine ecosystems in which, by means of appropriate land management, the enhancement of the ecosystem and its biodiversity are combined with sustainable development strategies. The global Biosphere Reserve network currently comprises of 701 Reserves in 124 countries, of which 19 in Italy, one of which is our Po Delta!