The Po Delta is an amphibious land, where water and land alternate with each other. The sea and the lagoons of the past, over the centuries, left the space to fertile fields. In the midst of these, from time to time, there are emerging signs of the past that break the horizontal landscape of a land rich in history, art and nature.

Faro di Goro
The land of the river
The flow of the Po River formed the Po Valley. Transporting earth and sand for thousands of years it has built the territory of Ferrara.
Valli di Comacchio
The Lagoons of yesterday and today
Large expanses of fresh or brackish water, the fishfarms in the Po Delta are unique environments and represent the best expression of that combined action between man and nature
Pineta di San Vitale
A land in the middle
Land of rivers, marshes, water-related crafts and efforts, but also a land of ancient traditions that still echo in the memory
Salina Cervia 1
The Pinewood and the white gold
Necessary as water and generously offered by nature "salt", collected centimeter on centimeter, draws candid cusps, where the white stands out against the green of the pine forest.