There are many ways to discover the Po Delta and wonderful places can be explored by land and water.


There are many ways to visit the area: horse riding, cycling or walking, to admire the many species of fish and birds, listen to the rustle of the reeds or enjoy the silence we are often not used to. For bicycle and handbike lovers, the Po Delta Park offers the possibility of organising beautiful excursions on two wheels, along cycle-pedestrian routes of different lengths to meet everyone’s needs.


Those who choose to discover the Po Delta Park by water (certainly the most adventurous and exciting way for children) can opt for an excursion by boat through the canals and reeds of the Park, accompanied by expert guides who know the area well and describe its richness with an engaging and interesting story for an audience of all ages.


The environmental and natural heritage of a territory must be a resource accessible to everyone. For this reason, some sites and visitor centres of the Po Delta Park of particular importance have been identified to be strengthened in order to favour visits and excursions also for people with accessibility needs and who require specific information to organise their visit with greater tranquillity: the Natural Reserve Bosco della Mesola, the Visitor Centre Cubo Magico Bevanella in Ravenna and the Natural Park of Cervia.

Cervi Bosco Mesola
Cycling through history
A loop route starting from the Riserva del Bosco della Mesola, to reach the Castle of Mesola with its Museum, Pomposa Abbey and back
Cycling in the pinewood
A round trip route leading from the Visitor Centre Bevanella to the Basilica of Classe and the Classis Museum
Parco Naturale di Cervia 2
Cycling between the port and the saltworks
Loop route starting from the Natural Park of Cervia, Casa delle Farfalle, MUSA (Salt Museum), Visitor Centre Le Saline and back


La Natura di Ravenna
Ravenna's Nature
A unique tour in the nature just a few kilometres from the Capital of Mosaic: Ravenna.
Laboratorio Mosaici Ravenna
In the Delta between Art and Nature
The Magic Cube Bevanella Visitor Centre is a few kilometres from Ravenna, close to the natural mouth of the Bevano torrent, unique of its kind.
Parco Naturale di Cervia 3
All up the Park chasing nature
The Natural Park of Cervia is a green oasis of 32 hectares within the thousand-year-old pinewood: there’s no better place to spend a day surrounded by nature
Lido di Spina
Summer at the Lidi of Comacchio
This package proposal is for a one-week holiday in the 7 Lidi of Comacchio
Delta del Po
In the land of Este Family
A proposal of two days in an environment rich in nature and culture in the Delta Po Biosphere Reserve
Comacchio centro
Between Land and Water
Three days discovering an environment rich in nature and culture