Loop route starting from the Natural Park of Cervia, Casa delle Farfalle, MUSA (Salt Museum), Visitor Centre Le Saline and back. An educational nature trail, suitable for everyone and all vehicles. Most of the route is asphalted and protected; some short sections are mixed with city traffic, with limits at 30 or 50 km/h.



1° PART  

From the Natural Park of Cervia to the Casa delle Farfalle


Leaving the park on Via Forlanini, at the end of the road on the right, take the cycle path, first gravel and then asphalt, until you reach the Casa delle Farfalle. The last 300 metres are on the road, pay attention to the traffic.




From the Casa delle Farfalle to the MUSA, Museo del Sale


Leaving the Casa delle Farfalle on the right, 300 metres on the left you will find via Stazzone, a dirt road that crosses the pinewood until it reaches the asphalt cycle path that runs alongside via G. di Vittorio. Follow it as far as the bridge over the Cervia Canal, also crossing a traffic light for bicycles, to turn left where you will find the MUSA a few metres away.




From the MUSA, Museo del Sale to the Visitor Centre Le Saline


Leaving the MUSA follow the canal to the left along the cycle path that runs alongside it up to the bridge, and then turn left again onto the mixed traffic road and take via Ospedale at the roundabout. After the level crossing, be careful to keep to the right along via Bova, which has a protected route, at the end of which you will find the SS 16 subway that connects you to the Visitor Centre Le Saline. The entire route is asphalted.




From the Visitor Centre Le Saline to the Natural Park of Cervia


Go back along the route as far as the crossroads with Via Stazzone and continue along Via G. di Vittorio, staying on the cycle path which continues after the level crossing, flanking the Natural Park, until the entrance from where you started. In the last part the path is a little uneven.


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