Length: One day – on request possibility to add an overnight stay
Experience Highlight: Contact with nature - Unique fauna - Outdoor tour - Typical cuisine - Romagna hospitality
Period: Summer – Spring - Autumn
Place: Sant’Alberto di Ravenna (Ra) – Cervia (Ra)


A unique tour in the nature just a few kilometres from the Capital of Mosaic: Ravenna.


This tour is designed for everyone: the electric van that will escort you for the journey is accessible both by strollers, wheelchairs and walkers. The paths you will follow will be easy to access and without heavy slopes. An electric van will pick you up and the guide will take you north of Ravenna, to Sant’Alberto. The visit starts from the NatuRa Museum which, with its two values as the Visitor Center of the Po Delta Park and the Ravenna Museum of Natural Sciences, is certainly a must for lovers of birdwatching and nature photography. NatuRa is a museum dedicated to animals, nature and environmental education. Walking through the rooms of the Museum, you can see a very rich collection, set up in an innovative and interactive way, which involves and enchants the visitor while listening to birdsongs and seeing shapes and colours that suggest the numerous and fascinating adaptations of nature. You then proceed towards the Southern Comacchio Valleys, where a network of water bodies flooded all year round welcomes numerous species of birds including avocets, black-winged stilts, marsh harriers, mallards, shelducks and you can observe a numerous colony of flamingos that feed all year round in the basins of the valleys.


Next you will head south for lunch at La Campaza Restaurant: a historic location on the outskirts of Ravenna with a park full of paths that lead to the large lake and a huge green area. It will be possible to access the Village of the Storks, created to make children and adults aware of, approach and raise awareness of the stork, its history and its legends. For lunch the restaurant will provide you a fixed menu with typical Romagna dishes, if there are special dietary needs the restaurant will be happy to satisfy any request. After lunch, you will go to the southern gate of the Po Delta Regional Park, the Cervia salt pan: a unique environment, from a naturalistic point of view and for the landscape it offers.


The Cervia Salt Pan is recognized as a Wetland of international importance and a Natural Reserve of the State of animal population. In fact, almost 100 bird species find, even in such an extreme environment, the best conditions for feeding, nesting and resting. The most frequent are the waders, small waders such as the Avocetta and the Cavaliere d'Italia, but there are also ardeids, such as the Little Egret, the Great White Heron and the Gray Heron, and anatids including the Mallard, the Shoveler and Shelduck. For some years, several hundred flamingos have also been regular guests. The high concentration of salt that characterizes this place has also made it possible for the development of heliophilous plant species - salt lovers - such as glasswort. From here the excursion will start from the Salina Visitor Center to the Salina Camillone. The high concentration of salt that characterizes this place has also made it possible to develop heliophilous plant species - lovers of salt - such as glasswort. From here the excursion will start from the Salina Visitor Center to the Camillone Saltpan. The guide will enrich your visit by giving information on the excavations of 2015 that unearthed a Roman salt pan of the third century BC, on how the Roman salt works worked and on the salt that the Romans produced and consumed. At the end, return to the city.




Families • Elderly • People with motor disabilities • People with physical disabilities • People with mental disabilities •
People with food intolerances • People with sensory disabilities (blind and visually impaired people)


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