A round trip route leading from the Visitor Centre Bevanella to the Basilica of Classe and the Classis Museum. A route that combines an immersive experience in nature with a visit to a UNESCO site and a museum which tells the story of Ravenna, a city that was the capital city three times.



1° PART  

From the Visitor Centre Bevanella to Sant’Apollinare in Classe


Leaving the Visitor Centre Bevanella, we climb up the embankment of the Bevano stream; here the climb is steep and it is important to be very careful. The route continues along the river bank, crossing it at Via delle Cave until you reach the entrance to the pinewood of Classe, which is on the right. Following the signs, sometimes hidden by vegetation, with numbering and the indication “Basilica di Classe”, you will leave the pinewood and continue
along Via Bosca. Be careful because when you cross the railway line the cycle path continues to your right and the signs are faded. This leads to via Battista Morgagni, then turn left into via Pescara, where you will find the Basilica of Classe at the end.




From Sant’Apollinare in Classe to Classis


Leaving from the rear courtyard we find ourselves in Via Classense; continuing for about 300 metres, crossing the railway, on the right is the entrance to the Classis Museum.




From Classis to the Visitor Centre Bevanella


Leaving the Classis Museum, proceed back to the Visitor Centre Bevanella.



We would like to point out that there are two sighting points along the route for birdwatchers: a hidden hut with a narrow passage of 45 cm and a raised hut accessible through two flights of stairs, with picnic tables for a break. Once back at the Visitor Centre Bevanella, we recommend you to leave by car and drive to the NatuRA Museum: in 36 km you will be able to dive into wonderful nature and discover many curious things!


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