Three months full of events, activities, excursions to visit the Po Delta Park and a succession of itineraries and proposals on foot, by bicycle, on horseback and by boat to discover and explore unspoilt landscapes and enjoy unique, authentic experiences in a slow yet safe way. It will be slow, because here you can finally switch off and immerse yourself in the peace and quiet of the surrounding natural environment. Moreover, it will be safe, as there are plenty of open-air activities on offer to make sure your holiday will be truly rejuvenating and carefree!  
Bicicletta Autunno Slow
The Po Delta is almost always flat and surrounded by enchanting landscapes. It offers ideal cycling routes suitable for everyone
Trekking Autunno Slow
Walking in the countryside is good for your health, it cheers you up and makes you more creative! The Po Delta offers routes to meet everyone's needs
Barca Autunno Slow
The best way to experience this magic is by boat. Small and large-sized boats, sailing by sea or through valleys in order to explore the most fascinating and unspoilt corners of the Po Delta!
Birdwatching Autunno Slow
Birdwatching is not just an activity for experts, but it is also a hobby that everyone can enjoy. Far away from stress of everyday life, you will be able to discover a true paradise
Cultura Autunno Slow
The Po Delta provides a rich cultural experience and many different itineraries to discover places steeped in art and culture where you can breathe in the history, life and memories of yesteryear