The products of this territory are exceptional and unrepeatable. Only here can you taste the typical asparagus of Mesola or the radicchio that, grown on the sand, blends with the Carnaroli rice of the Po Delta. The Comacchio eel reigns supreme in a cuisine that dates back thousands of years and brings with it ancient culture and traditions. Another example is pumpkin with its many uses, from classic cappellacci to gnocchi or it can be deep-fried. The extraordinary fish caught in the Adriatic Sea and the clams from Goro, an enchanted corner where between the islands and the mainland the sky merges with the sea. Everything pairs wonderfully with the red and white “Vini delle Sabbie” ("Wines from the Sands"), such as the renowned Fortana or Uva d'Oro. These are only some of the "gems" of local food and wine that make the wealth of this wonderful area so rich.


Crops grown along the Po Delta are characterised by the great benefits provided by the silt transported by the river deposited over the years on the land adjacent to the riverbanks. With the reclamation carried out in the early 20th century, these lands were progressively used for specialised fruit and vegetable cultivation.

Products of the Land
Asparagus, carrot, melon, watermelon, pumpkin, nectarine, pear, rice, truffles... these are the delicacies of our territory.
Coppia ferrarese
Produced by skilled human hands
Salama da Sugo, Zia Ferrarese salami, Garlic salami, Bël-e-cöt, Squacquerone cheese, Fossa cheese, Coppia Ferrarese and Piadina Romagnola types of bread, Romagnola Chicken, extravirgin olive oil...
Anguilla marinata
Slow Food Presidia
Artisanal sea salt from Cervia, Marinated eel from are all our slow food presidia!
Vini delle sabbie
Wines from the Po Delta
Burson, Wines from the are only some of our wine excellences!