BirdLife International's European Birdwatching Day with Lipu - Sunday 3rd October 2021


Eurobirdwatch is an event organised by BirdLife International and its European partners that brings together tens of thousands of birdwatchers across Europe each year on the first weekend in October for a day of birdwatching, beauty and science. The event, which coincides with the start of the week leading up to World Migratory Bird Day (Saturday 9th October), aims to spread the passion for birdwatching, sensitivity to the conservation of wild birds and nature, and to gather scientific data, through a rapid collection system called RIA (Rapid Information Action), to obtain a better understanding of the autumn migration phenomenon.


Lipu has been organising Eurobirdwatch in Italy for years, hosting dozens of events spread throughout the country and a large number of sightings and reports. On Sunday 3rd October, in the Po Delta Park, there will be activities and excursions in some of the special bird-watching areas, in the presence of ornithologists and nature lovers.