In Po Delta, from North to South, natural environments and cultural attractions coexist side by side seamlessly, with multidisciplinary themes that can easily be adapted to schools of all levels.


The nature itineraries offer  wide and diversified possibilities, including "fossil" environments of absolute value, home to over 300 species of birds that have elected this territory as their resting and breeding area to which cormorants, coral gulls and terns return to nest every year alongside which, among the reeds, lagoons and valleys, deers and small mammals can be spotted, to which amphibians, sturgeons and eels can be added.


The historical-cultural itineraries allow to cover a very wide time span: from the Etruscan and Roman civilizations, to the Byzantine era; from the medieval period with the fundamental role of the abbeys to the Renaissance dominated in the area by the Este seigniory; from the Risorgimento to World War II.


Organizing study tours in the Po Delta of Emilia-Romagna means delving into a wonderful balance of naturalistic excellence and unique testimonies of art and culture in an area that has received two Unesco awards.

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