The cycling route starts from Comacchio, a lagoon town characterized by bridges and canals. After a visit to the historical center, you'll reach the Manifattura dei Marinati, the old fish factory, where eel and fi sh are still marinated and canned. In the direction of the lagoons, after passing the picturesque neighborhood of San Pietro, you'll reach the embankment of Valle Fattibello, where, from the observation tower, you can admire a vast panorama. Cross the drawbridge, cycle along the bank of the lagoon up to Stazione di Pesca Foce. Here you can take a boat to experience the historical-naturalistic excursion in the Valli di Comacchio.


The pleasant trip includes stops to visit the fi shermen's huts, guard house of Coccalino and fishing stations of Pegoraro and Serilla, and is enlivened
by the observation of numerous species of aquatic birds. At the end of the boat excursion, you can continue by bicycle to the Salt Works of Comacchio, a nesting place for many species of birds, most notable of which is the Flamingo. During the summer, it is possible to take the excursion, A window on flamingos, with an electric minibus, accompanied by a guide. You'll go to Valle Campo, southeast of the salt works, where it is possible, thanks to the presence of a shielding, to observe the colony of flamingos.



LENGTH: 27.1 km - level difference
ROAD BASE: 74% Paved / 26% Unpaved
BIKE TYPE: mountain bike, trekking bike