From Ostellato, after the visit to the Museo del Territorio, you'll want to be armed with binoculars to follow an itinerary which goes through some wetlands and freshwater lagoons. You will first reach the Vallette di Ostellato: you can visit it making a circular route around the wetlands and get a
chance to spot many species of aquatic birds including Mallards, Pochards and Grebes You'll go on through the reclaimed lands of Mezzano, along the cycle route "Bruno Traversari". Among the birds of prey, you can see Kestrel, Marsh Harrier and Long-Eared Owl.


Diverting towards Gambulaga, you can visit the Delizia Estense del Verginese, one of the summer residences of  the Dukes of Este, where you'll find the archaeological museum, "Mors Inmatura", or continue on to the Oasis Anse Vallive Bacino di Bando, where we recommend a stop at the Visitor Center to admire splendid examples of White Stork. Once in Argenta, you can visit the Pump Station Saiarino, the Parish Church of San Giorgio and the Museo delle Valli. From the Visitor Center Casino di Campotto, you can visit the protected oasis on different guided tours: either on foot or by electric golf cart or on board on Pesce di Legno, to observe numerous species of birds such as the Whiskered Tern, the Squacco Heron, the Warbler, etc.