Goro, a modern port that preserves traces of the fishing village of the past, is the departure point for numerous boats that take you to discover the natural environment of the Po Delta.


A well-known naturalistic destination is the Isola dell'Amore (Love Island), a very recent strip of land that emerged as a result of the deltaic advance of the Po River. The Faro di Goro lighthouse stands on the outermost part of the island, an isolated strip of sand called Scanno del Faro. It was built in 1950 because the Vecchia Lanterna, now used as an observatory of the Sacca di Goro area, was several kilometres from the mouth and was therefore no longer used.


Today, the lighthouse can only be reached by water from Gorino, which is 6 kilometres away, or from the Venetian side of the river, whose bank is accessible up to 1 kilometre from the mouth.