The Verginese is one of the numerous "Delizie Estensi" scattered throughout the territory, or rather, the residences of the Dukes of Este in the Po Delta which, as well as being residences for recreational purposes, served as decentralised government offices and played a strategic role in the reclamation of the territory. Originally a country house, the Verginese was transformed into a ducal residence in the early 16th century by Alfonso I d'Este and donated to Laura Eustochia Dianti.  Following the Duke's death, the lady retired there, making it her small private court and ordering its renovation, carried out mainly by Girolamo da Carpi. The interior was decorated from the 18th century onwards with stucco work, Art Nouveau flowers in tempera, shells, rosettes, volutes and thick cornices outlining the ceilings. On the outside, the garden belonging to the Delizia, known as the "brolo", was reconstructed, consisting mainly of flowers and fruit trees dating back to the Renaissance.



Gambulaga - Via del Verginese
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