The lagoon town of Comacchio, which has always been famous for its eel fishing, offers visitors the Ecomuseo delle Valli e della Manifattura dei Marinati (Comacchio Valley and Historical Fish Processing Plant Ecomuseum). Since 2004, the old eel processing plant has been restored to its former glory, providing an admirable example of industrial archaeology. Comacchio has always been linked to the eel, which allowed the population to base its economy solely on its fishing. Due to the large-scale land reclamation carried out in the 20th century, about 10,000 hectares of the original extension of the valleys now remain, so the eel has lost the economic importance it had in the past. Another peculiarity of the Comacchio Valleys is the presence of the largest Italian colony of pink flamingos, made up of thousands of specimens that are easy to spot. Immersed in nature, strolling through the characteristic historic town centre, tourists will be satisfied with their experience in a territory where nature, culture and tradition are in perfect harmony.


Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 200
44022 Comacchio FE
+39 0533 81742