The Comacchio Salt-works are a treasure trove of history, tradition and biodiversity, which can only be visited accompanied by authorised guides. The Comacchio Salt Salt-works, which once extended over 600 hectares, preserves a salt processing plant dating back to the Napoleonic era and is now one of the most important biotopes of the Po Delta. 


Due to the high number of bird species present, the Comacchio Salt-works can be considered the very heart of the Po Delta Regional Park in the Emilia-Romagna region. There are hundreds of bird species, many of which are both rare and protected. Most important of all is the stable colony of pink flamingos. The Salt-works can be visited on foot, by bicycle, or by electric train, always accompanied by a guide. From Stazione Foce (the River Mouth Station), it is also possible to board a motorboat that sails through the Comacchio Valleys, arriving close up to the Salt-works themselves.




Via della Salina
44022 Comacchio (FE)
Tel. 3453080049