Read the sea - Guided tour

Delta Po

Gli eventi potrebbero subire variazioni, contattare sempre gli organizzatori prima di recarsi in loco.

Guided path along the beach to observe, listen, touch, experience the "sea landscape". Using the active listening technique of the marine environment it will be possible to recognize the natural and anthropogenic elements that make up the marine ecosystem, which does not stop on the shoreline but also continues 'under the waves' where the inhabitants of the sea live.

For the little ones: Using the objects found along the beach, an ephemeral work can be built, creatively assembled, as a message of awareness for the protection of the sea; the work will be photographed before being disassembled. The waste will be differentiated and transferred to the recycling waste, while the materials from the sea will be returned to the beach.

Meeting point: Cervia, Free beach in Cervia Lungomare, G. Deledda n. 38, between the bathing establishment Bagno BEN n. 191 and Bagno OBA OBA n. 194

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