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Ravenna Incoming

Let yourself experience the emotion of turtles’ dining time, special guests of the Cestha Center (Experimental Center for Habitat Protection), a non-profit research organization, which has as its mission environmental protection.

The Research Centre, composed of researchers and specialists in the natural sciences, marine biology and veterinary medicine, deals with programmes for the conservation of endangered species and the promotion of sustainable management activities.

Your visit to the Marine Wildlife Recovery Center, which is located in the complex of the ancient Fish Market of Marina di Ravenna, converted in recent years to a marine research center, will be led by this team of biologists.

The experience is suitable for everyone and takes place in an environmental education key, to raise awareness of today's issues: waste, correct use of plastic and respect for the environment.

You will meet up close the turtles now being treated at the center, you will discover their history, clinical diagnosis, healing process and release into the sea. Finally, for those who wish, it will be possible to experience the thrill of actively participating in the phases of administration of the daily meal to some patients.

The contribution of participation in this activity is aimed at supporting the fish fauna hospitalized there, such as the turtles protagonists of this "experience"'; but it also has another important and very heartfelt purpose: to rase an environmental awareness, from an early age, that accompanies us and grows over time.

In addition, the revenue will enable the Centre to bear the many costs involved in the management of this particular "hospital", such as expenditure on medicinal products, therapies and specialist veterinary examinations. In fact, the Centre is supported also thanks to the dissemination initiatives, since it does not receive any public funding for the care and management of sea turtles.

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Piazza San Francesco 7, 48121, Ravenna, (RA)


Ravenna (RA)
03 Mar - 01 Mag 2024

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