Silent Play Dante

Ravenna Incoming

Ravenna was the last refuge of the Supreme Poet, the father of the Italian language; it is the city that houses his mortal remains and which, over the years, has always dedicated the month of September to Dante’s memory.

Silent Play for Dante is an immersive guided tour which, thanks to technology and a skilful script, takes participants on a journey to discover Ravenna in the 14th century, meeting characters, places and tercets linked to the memory of both the poet and his fortune: the Basilica di San Francesco (St. Francis’ Basilica), the Classense Library, the Zone of Silence, the TAMO Museum and the Hanging Gardens of the Provincial Government Building.

Silent Play technology allows participants to enjoy a highly suggestive experience, to discover some aspects of the poet's life in Ravenna and to immerse themselves in his Comedy, which was inspired by the city and its symbolic places: the script by La Piccionaia, Centro di Produzione Teatrale, (Theatrical Production Centre) proposes not just a simple guided tour, but a poetic and engaging theatrical experience.

Silent Play for Dante is a project of the Tourism Department of the Municipality of Ravenna to celebrate the 700th anniversary of Dante's death.

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Piazza San Francesco 7, 48121, Ravenna, (RA)