From Comacchio to the Lagoons: the Eel Fishing Spots


Excursion to discover naturalistic aspects and human activity in the Comacchio Lagoons. From the historic center, we will sail aboard a small boat in a unique ecosystem, among clam nurseries and fishing huts. We will reach Stazione Foce accompanied by an expert guide, we will visit the traditional eel fishing trap.
During the excursion, we will observe numerous waterfowl species, flamingoes.

Duration: 1h45

Departure: Pontile ANMI, Via dello Squero, Comacchio

Days and times of excursion:

From 18/03 to 04/06 and from 09/09 to 05/11
Saturday and Holiday Eves at 3.00 pm
Sunday and Holiday at 11.00am and 3.00 pm

­ 15.00 €

Bambini da 4 a 10 anni 10.00 €
Bambini da 0 a 3 anni
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0039 3465926555