A journey into the placid waters of the Po


A journey into the placid waters of the Po

Excursion with a small boat in the reeds of the Po Delta

A real treat for those who love nature, this charming excursion onboard a small silent electrically-powered boat will lead you into the dense reed-thicket surrounding the mouth of the Po River at Volano. We will arrive till Torre della Finanza, an 18th Century building erected by the Papal State in order to control the access to the mouth of the Po di Volano.

Duration: 2 h
Days and times of excursion:

From 25/03 to 4/06 and 09/09 to 05/11
Saturday and Holiday Eves at 2.30 pm
Sunday and Holidays at 11.00 am

From 5/06 to 7/09
Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 5.00 pm

Boarding: Loc. Volano - boarding Oasis Canneviè, SP54 for Volano

­ 20.00 €

Adults €20,00 20.00 €
Children aged 4-10 €10.00 10.00 €
Children aged 0-3 free
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0039 3465926555