Speciale Carnet più ingressi

Thermae Oasis

5 or 10 tickets with discount!
In the quiet of an enchanted place that welcomes you gently, the senses are pervaded by whispered musical notes and delicate floral scents, time stops and the journey to discover absolute well-being begins. You are at Thermae Oasis in Lido delle Nazioni, in the Valli di Comacchio in the province of Ferrara.

Well-being must always be at the center of our lives, which is why we have thought of special discounts:
CARNET of 5 ENTRANCES - 10% discount
CARNET of 10 ENTRANCES - 20% discount
Vial Libia 133, Comacchio, (FE)


­ &
Viale Libia 133, fraz. Lido delle Nazioni, 44020, Comacchio, (FE)

From Monday to Saturday from 8 to 15

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