On foot or by boat, by bike or by train or even still on horseback, riding magnificent Camargue horses, discovering the wonders of an area located between land and water. There are so many different ways to enjoy the Po Delta Park!


From Goro and Mesola to Comacchio, from Ravenna to Cervia, hundreds of excursions are proposed to experience the uncontaminated nature of these places at a slow pace, as well as educational workshops, guided tours, birdwatching, sports events and much more.

Bici a Goro
By Bike
An area that is all one immense cycle path where the bicycle is, of course, the perfect tool to fully understand its nuances and characteristics
Escursione in motonave
By boat
Discovering the nature of the Po Delta Park by boat is really priceless. Cervia, Goro, Comacchio, Porto Garibaldi, Savio, Ferrara are some of the starting points
Salina Cervia 2
Trekking and Hiking
Valleys, pine forests, salt pans, oases ... a walk is the best way to experience the area in a slow mode!
Bike&Boat 2
The suggestion of an intermodal excursion that alternates the bicycle with the motor ship to enjoy the territory in an original way
Camper 1
By Motorhome
The Po Delta lends itself well to a camper holiday, offering the opportunity to stop and sleep in the midst of nature or in one of the many rest areas that the area offers
Cavaliere d'Italia
Birdwatching is a unique and entertaining way to come into direct contact with nature, and the Po Delta Park, with its extraordinary biodiversity
Mare 3
Sea and Beaches
Wide and spacious beaches, a clean and safe sea, state-of-the-art facilities. The Emilia-Romagna beaches are ideal for holidays!
Basilica di Sant'Apollinare in Classe
Art and Culture
Po Delta does not only contain naturalistic environments of extraordinary charm but also a series of architectural emergencies of great value, all to be seen for those who love art and culture
Anguilla marinata
Food and Wine
The Po River Delta is a unique territory. Its products born on the sands are unique, its gastronomy unique
voghenza - necropoli romana
Tour archeologico nel Delta del Po
Alla ricerca del passato in un territorio crocevia di scambi di merci, culture e genti
Parco Naturale di Cervia 2
Barrier-free routes
There are many ways to discover the Po Delta and wonderful places can be explored by land and water
Turismo scolastico
School Tourism
In Po Delta, from North to South, natural environments and cultural attractions coexist side by side seamlessly, with multidisciplinary themes that can easily be adapted to schools of all levels