Castello di Mesola
Mesola Castle
The suggestive Mesola Castle was commissioned by the last Duke of Ferrara, Alfonso II d'Este, and was built between 1578 and 1583 as a "place of delights"
Abbazia di Pomposa
Pomposa Abbey
A masterpiece of Romanesque art, only a stone's throw from the town of Codigoro
The wonders of Comacchio
Comacchio, "little Venice", is an enchanting lagoon town: it is friendly and genuine, endowed with a vitality that thrives on respect for its history and the surrounding environment
Faro di Goro
Faro di Goro lighthouse
The Faro di Goro lighthouse stands on the outermost part of the island, an isolated strip of sand called Scanno del Faro
Bici Delizia Verginese
Verginese Este "Delizia"
The Verginese is one of the numerous "Delizie Estensi" scattered throughout the territory
The wonders of Ravenna
Ravenna is a city brimming with art and culture. It is the city of mosaics, an ancient city, elected capital three times
Museo del Sale Cervia
The wonders of Cervia
The history of Cervia, the southern station of the Po Delta Park, is closely linked to the production of salt


Argenta (FE)
31 Mar - 27 Ott 2024

Escursione guidata

Cervia (RA)
18 Mag - 07 Set 2024

In barca al tramonto

Ravenna (RA)
01 Giu - 31 Ago 2024

Boscoforte tra cielo e terra

Ravenna (RA)
01 Giu - 29 Set 2024

La pedalata dei fenicotteri

Cervia (RA)
09 Giu - 08 Set 2024

Salina, bici & Brunch

Cervia (RA)
10 Giu - 02 Set 2024

Aperitivo al tramonto

Argenta (FE)
15 Giu - 12 Ott 2024

Erbe e rimedi

Cervia (RA)
21 Giu - 06 Set 2024

Salina sotto le stelle

Cervia (RA)
01 Lug - 29 Set 2024

Trenino in Salina

Cervia (RA)
02 Lug - 31 Ago 2024

Tramonto in bicicletta

Argenta (FE)
27 Lug - 24 Ago 2024


Ravenna (RA)
09 Ago - 30 Ago 2024